Curbrider Flow Pedals

Hi Tech BMX - Flow Pedals are more stable, great for pump tracks and parks. At the track, they teach fundamentals and get the folks more interested because they are a different and new way to ride transitioned surfaces.

Thank you for visiting. Please find some more information below. We are a small startup manufacturing business currently located in Spearfish, South Dakota. Thank you for your interest in our product and our business. We want to keep BMX different, interesting, and great. Flow Pedals are Made in the USA from super tough glass impregnated nylon.

Flow Pedals are a fun way to teach fundamentals. You can even hold races with them to see who has the best flow.

We have been at this for a long time and working to do good in our community. Flow Pedals were originally invented and produced in Arizona before we moved back to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Here is a video demonstrating the principles behind this great new and different product.

Joey and Harley were a couple of local riders from the Tucson area who demonstrated a race for us.

Old and in the way - John Dale demonstrates that inverts are possible with Flow Pedals at Woodward. Into the foam pit, Flow Pedals are better since without the chain and sprockets the foam stays cleaner. As the foam breaks down, that grease, oil, and road grit is breathed in by riders. Flow Pedals are a great choice for foam pits since they keep them cleaner.


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